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Bringing the art of gourmet food from the World to your front door.

Our Story

We are part of a tradition of food loving families that believes that life turns around it. Our team is a truly melting pot of cultures dedicated to find only the best products, bringing you not only the traditional Spanish delicatessen but also a lot more that the world have to offer.

Our experience

Our company has plenty of experience bringing the highest quality food to your table. We arrived in the U.S. 9 years ago, looking to share with the local market our passion for the Spanish Food. First, we were Idea Gourmet Foods and now we are Dao Gourmet Foods, with a new look but –most important- with the same desire to supply the local market with the most delicious gourmet food from Spain and beyond.

Indulge yourself

You don’t need to visit the old continent to get the best quality food and the most amazing flavors. Dive yourself into our fine-foods market and get ready to get them delivered to your door in no time.

If you have a refined taste and love for gourmet foods as we are, our headquartered in Miami, Florida is ready to serve you.

Dao Gourmet Foods

Getting gourmet foods with us is easier and you get to enjoy them faster because we have:

  • SAME DAY processing*
  • FREE expedite shipping
  • On ALL orders

That’s what makes us different!

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