Dry-cured Smoked Proscuitto - Speck Ham - 5 lbs (average)
Dry-cured Smoked Proscuitto - Speck Ham - 5 lbs (average)

Dry-cured Smoked Proscuitto - Speck Ham - 5 lbs (average)

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    • 5 pounds approx.

    • Smoked and intense cured flavor

    • Original Speck Alto Adige D.O.P.

    • Imported from Northern Italy in the Tirol region

    • One of the 3 only speck brands allowed to import in the US.

What is speck?. Well. you could say it is made with a little salt, little smoke and a lot of fresh air. That's all speck meat needs to be what it is: smoked and dry-cured meat produced in Northern Italy, where it is traditionally eaten with bread and wine. This D.O.P Speck is made with the traditional methods from two regions: the smoking techniques from the Northside of the Alps and the air-drying style from the South Tyrol, in a process that lasts about 22 weeks. Here, in this part of the world, Mediterranean and Alp culture coexist within a fantastic mountain landscape and mild Mediterranean weather. And this speck is a result of that. A unique product made from the hindquarters of Italian hogs, with a lightly smoked and intense cured flavor. The crust is also seasoned with a variety of spices like pepper and juniper berries, giving Speck Alto Adige an unmistakable taste.

The term “speck” is from the 18th century, having its roots in the Middle High German word “spec” and the Ancient High German word “spek” which means “something thick, fat.”

Serving Suggestions: Super versatile. Speck dumplings are probably the most famous recipe from South Tyrol cuisine. You can try them at home, or you can use it in pasta dishes, risotto, crepes, pizzas, sandwiches, or just serve it with some breadsticks.

Conservation tips: Best keep it in a cool place, and once it's opened, place it in the fridge, wrapped in plastic film. Mold can occur, is healthy, is part of the maturation process. Just rub it with a wet cloth. Always let the speck breathe at room temperature before using it.