Roncal Sheep Cheese ~ 4 Lbs Wheel

Roncal Sheep Cheese ~ 4 Lbs Wheel

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  • Approx. net weight 4 Lbs wheel

  • Nutty, strong and slightly butterscotch flavor

  • Latxa and Aragonesa sheep's milk cheese from Northern Spain

  • Aged 6-8 months, firm texture

  • One of the few Spanish raw sheep's milk cheese in the US.


Roncal is made from the milk of Latxa & Aragonesa sheep. These breeds come from the Basque Pyrenees in Northern Spain. Produced from raw milk in the Northeast corner of Navarra, at the foot of the Pyrenees, the landscape defines the personality of this firm and unique cheese. Green and remote valleys where fresh air helps to tame and smooth the sharp flavor of Roncal.

Use it as a grating cheese or serve it with fruits, raw vegetables and pork products.

In 1981 Roncal was the first Spanish cheese to obtain the most important quality seal awarded in Spain. The DO status, the Spanish Origin Denomination. Roncal cheese is produced following the same traditional hand crafted methods it has followed for generations. This sheep's milk cheese comes dates back to 13th century. Passed down from generation to generation families have kept the secret about how is made. Nowadays our creameries make a complex cheese with a lingering, butterscotch finish, awarded with national and international recognition.