Payoyo Goat Cheese



    • 4 pounds whole wheel

    • Semi cured Artisan Cheese from Andalusia

    • Mix of 85% goat and 15 % sheep's milk cheese

    • Awarded several times in the past few years

    • Mild and creamy flavor.


Andalucia is home to this singular breed of goat, the Payoya, found mainly in its southernmost corner in Malaga and Cadiz provinces. The farmers there produce this tangy and slightly sweeter-than-usual cheese, which is much loved locally and even nationally, but little-known abroad. The milk comes from a cooperative of 14 farmers in the area and the production involves the same traditional methods once employed by the shepherds and goatherds in the Serrania de Ronda. Payoyo is expertly crafted: he rennet is still made and poured into the moulds by hand. The few innovations that have been added to this traditional process have been inspired by the need to improve hygiene during manufacturing. You'll love it if you are into fragant cheeses, its aroma is a mix of butter, cheesecake and herbs. Simply amazing.