Wine Goat's Milk Cheese - 6 Lbs wheel

Wine Goat's Milk Cheese - 6 Lbs wheel

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Coated with red wine
Semi-soft cheese with a mild flavor
A very popular Spanish cheese here in the U.S.


Murcia al Vino DO is soft, moist, and mild goat milk cheese. The rind is washed with wine for 24 hours during the maturation, adding a subtil fruitiness touch. It's a fresh cheese, it only ages between 30-45 days depending on size. Don't wait longer to enjoy it, no more than a week. And keep it properly in the refrigerator, in an airtight package. Pair it with light, fruity wines and with summer fruits.

Murcia al Vino is one of the three DO certificated types of cheeses in Murcia, a Mediterranean area where is found Murciana, the best milk producing goat breed in Spain. The most famous brand here in the US is called Drunken goat.This type of milk is rich and creamy, giving to this semi-soft cheese a sweet and smooth flavor, no salty at all. Surprising violet color in the outside due to the wine baths and ivory firm, compact and elastic paste in the inside.

History of Murcia al Vino
This goat's milk cheese is pretty new and its production is limited. It was invented in the late 80's by the Murcian cheese-makers. Inspired by the French example, their goal was creating a distinct regional cheese with big commercial potential. They took a traditional local goat cheese and bathed it in a local red wine for 3 days. They soon realized that the result was a success, both commercially and gastronomically. In fact, this cheese has been internationally awarded many times. Let us recommend you Murcia al Vino DO for a gift basket, because of the wine touch and its finest quality. If you look for a different Spanish cheese, don´t think twice and try it.