Tetilla Cheese 1.7 Lbs



    • Kids love its soft taste and tenderness

    • Pair with nuts, fruits, and raw vegetables

    • 1.7 Lbs Wheel approx

  • Soft, creamy, and mild cheese

This cow's milk cheese is extremely soft and creamy. Its buttery texture is perfect go spread on a big slice of bread or grills it with a superb piece of meat. It is one of the most famous cheeses in Spain, name-controlled (D.O), probably the number one in Galicia, where it comes from. Galicia is a beautiful rainy and green region on the northwestern coast of Spain, where cows live in a natural and non-contaminated environment. According to Steven Jenkins, the cheese guru, Tetilla cheese looks like a big Hershey's kiss chocolate. And it's true. Its characteristic shape, however, gives it the name for a reason.