Calasparra Rice 2.2 Lbs



  • Great absorption ratio. 3 parts of broth for 1 of rice

  • Amazing texture and flavor

  • The most used paella rice in Spain

  • Traditional presentation in a 2.2 Lbs fabric bag

  • Good for risotto too.


Bomba rice and Calasparra rice are the finest rice varieties in Spain for paella dish. The main difference between them is that Bomba paella rice is the supreme strain. It expands in width like in accordion, while Calasparra rice does it longitudinally. They grow in the same mountain hills of Southeastern Spain, in the Murcia region. It was the first rice in the world to have its proper appellation of origin. It’s a whole natural product irrigated only by pure fresh and clean water with no chemicals or additives added. Its grain is white and round and increases up to a 70% its volume when cooked. This is why it is so tasty when it is cooked with any kind of broth and why is much more profitable than any other rice: 1 pound of this rice will give us more rations than 1 pound of any other.