Manchego Cheese - Wheel Aged 6 months (7 Lbs)


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    • Intense sheep's milk flavor with a nutty finish

    • 6 months aged

    • Many people say this is the perfect aging for a Manchego

This is a Manchego sheep's milk cheese, aged for 6 months. Rich in high-quality protein and A, D, B12, and B2 vitamins, is perfect for all the family. 32ºF is the perfect temperature for storage, although you can keep it in the lower part of the refrigerator. Once is opened, wrap it in plastic film or do it in the traditional way: on a plate covered by a cloth soaked with olive oil.
Manchego is a DO, name-controlled cheese, which can be made only from the milk of the Manchega sheep that graze in the La Mancha region. Yes, Don Quixote comes from the same land, and you should know that in the book Manchego cheese is mentioned more than several times.
La Mancha is a monotonous plateau where shepherding has been part of daily life since forever. Winds are constant and temperatures are extremely high in summer and cold during winter. The best cheese is produced when the milk is the richest, between August and December.

Manchego cheese is part of the Spanish culture. Pair it with Spanish red wine or try it with a dry white. Serve with bread, nuts, or quince jelly.