Acorn-fed 100% Iberico Coppa by Fermin (1 lb approx)




    • In Italy is known as Coppa

    • On the fattier side it is more flavorful than loin

    • It is the most tender part of the pork's loin

    • Made from 100% Pure Acorn-Fed Bellota porks

This is an exclusive product, one of the best gourmet cured meats in the world. The top loin is the center cut pork chop, the leanest and most tender part of the loin. Iberico de Bellota means that this meat comes from pure 100% Iberico bred. Extremely flavorful. Paprika balances the intense flavor of the pork,. Only Top Loin in the marketplace & unusual to find in Spain. Dark Pink color with marbling more internal & slightly larger than Lomo, consistency firm and compact. Once open, keep in a cool place. Slice thinly, serve at room temperature, and consume within 30 days.