Cooking Traditional Chorizo 12 Oz by Despaña Brands


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    • Net Weight 12 oz / 4 links pre-pack

    • Cook before eating. Great for grilling or BBQ

    • Mild flavor with a light touch of paprika

    • Excellent for paella, stews and tapas

    • Made in the US by Spaniards and with Spanish paprika

This chorizo fresco is a kind of Spanish sausage presented in a pack of 4 large sausages and made with chopped pork fat and meat. "Fresco" means that this product hasn't been cured, so you need to cook it before eating. You can fry, grill, or even simmer it (in some places in Spain they make that with apple cider). It's perfect for a BBQ. Its content in paprika and salt is well-balanced, so all the family will love it.