Marinated White Anchovies by Carmen & Lola




    • Net Weight 5.29 oz/ 150 g

    • One of the most classic tapas

    • Good source of Omega 3

    • Boquerones from the Spanish Mediterranean

    • Fresh and marinated flavor. Pair with potato chips and mussels

  • Grab a beer, and you won't need anything more.

White anchovy fillets of the finest quality. Once the white anchovies are cleaned, the fillets are cured in wine vinegar to create the flavor, texture, and color so characteristic of the "Boquerones en Vinagre". They are flavorful and fresh. You can create an endless number of tapas with boquerones, or just serve it the traditional way, with potato chips, or dress with minced garlic. Eat them wrap around olives or cheese, creating different layers of flavor. 100% safe, anisakis free: they have been previously frozen at -20º C at least 24 hours.