Iberico Acorn-fed Shoulder by Extrem

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Discover the essence of Spanish gastronomy with our Iberico Acorn-fed Shoulder by Extreme, available in two exceptional variations: 100% Iberico and 75% Iberico. Sourced from select Iberian pigs reared in the idyllic dehesas of Spain, these shoulders embody the epitome of quality and flavor.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our shoulders showcase the distinct characteristics of the Iberian breed. The 100% Iberico variation, with its pure lineage, exudes a remarkable depth of flavor, a testament to the pigs' acorn-rich diet and free-range lifestyle.

Meanwhile, our 75% Iberico variation offers an equally delightful experience, combining the finest qualities of the Iberian breed with complementary traits. The unique blend retains the exceptional taste and tenderness associated with Iberico pork, ensuring a delightful culinary journey.

Expertly cured and aged to perfection, each shoulder reflects the mastery of traditional techniques passed down through generations. Delight in the marbling, the delicate nutty notes, and the unparalleled tenderness that characterizes these premium cuts.

Whether you choose the pure essence of the 100% Iberico or the harmonious blend of the 75% Iberico, our Acorn-fed Shoulders by Extrem promise an unforgettable dining experience, inviting you to savor the true taste of Spain in every succulent bite.


NOTE: The size of this item may vary considerably based on the size of the pork. The average weight ranges from 10 to 12 Lbs.