Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Ham D.O. Los Pedroches (18 lbs approx)

$899.99 $1,099.00

100% Iberian pork ham raised extensively in the meadows of Valle de Los Pedroches, located in the heart of Sierra Morena (Córdoba), and fed on acorns during the montanera season.

Alta Expresión Bone-in Dry-Uncured Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Pork Ham is truly exceptional. Its juicy meat, thanks to its marbled fat, with intense red and pinkish tones combined with the sheen of the lean meat, offers a unique flavor with an astounding combination of sweet and savory notes that evoke acorns, honey, damp earth, and truffle, and result in an explosion of intense, persistent flavor that leaves you wanting more.

Los Pedroches Denomination of Origin is the highest range of the Andalusian cooperative COVAP. These hams have a high percentage of oleic acid in the fat, which exceeds 56%, 2% more than the Acorn Quality denomination requires.