Iberico Shoulder All Natural by Fermin


  • Natural product because it has no Nitrites Added
  • This is a 50% line, Fermin crosses a 100% Ibérico pig with a 100% Duroc 
  • Lactose-Free
  • Cured for 24 Months Using Artisanal Methods in La Alberca, Spain
  • Lower Fat Content with Great Visual Fat Marbling
  • This is a Fermin exclusive product
  • The light salty flavor that is more earthy

Fermin natural ham is not nitrate-free but rather, contains nitrates that are from a natural source.

Traditional ham is made using man-made nitrates which gives a distinctive ham flavor and gives it a longer shelf life

With Fermin's natural ham you may notice a gray tinge to your ham once it has been open for around 7-10 days. This process is normal as the natural nitrates begin oxidizing. The ham is still safe to eat. The taste of natural ham is a little less salty and with an earthy flavor.

 Cutting of the ham: remove the layer of fat from the top and the sides of the jamón/ham until the meat is exposed. Trim the fat as you slice. Cut small, very thin slices, including some of the fat which holds much of the flavor. Remember to slice downwards with the knife.