100% Iberico Grain-fed Ham Free Range by Fermin




    • Bone-In Ham

    • Especially for "connoisseurs"

    • Great quality at a great value

    • Dry air cured for at least 24 months

    • The intense, sweet and meaty flavor

    • Made by Fermin, the first Iberico producer in the US.

The Iberico pig has a free-range life with a diet of grain, grass, and roots.

Flavor notes: The 100% Ibérico Free Range pig has a great ability to store healthy fat, creating a marbly effect that is intense, sweet, and meaty-type flavor.

All our Iberico hams have been aged for at least 24 months, have USDA inspection, and have the black hoof clipped to conform to USDA legislation.

Cutting of the ham: remove the layer of fat from the top and the sides of the jamón/ham until the meat is exposed. Trim the fat as you slice. Cut small, very thin slices, including some of the fat which holds much of the flavor. Remember to slice downwards with the knife and it's best to use a long sharp knife.

Jamon Iberico is the masterpiece of ham in the entire world. Here you get the whole leg to master your carving art. It is made from native black pigs, which is why often is called Pata Negra (blackleg). This Spanish ham comes from porks only fed with a controlled and high-quality grain diet. The meat is dry-cured in the mountain air for at least 24 months and under the watchful eye of the ham masters. As a result of this extremely artisan and traditional process, its flavor is extremely exquisite and delicate, with a mild saltiness touch. The intense ruby red color presents white fat streaks, adding flavor and fat to this Iberico ham. Healthy fat, we must say, because it's cardio-friendly, full of benefits.
Cut it in very thin slices at room temperature and get ready to enjoy one of the most wonderful culinary experiences you will never have. Just add a good piece of bread and a glass of red wine and then you will be in heaven.

NOTE: The size of this item may vary considerably based on the size of the pork. The average weight on these Iberico hams is 15-17 Lbs.