Piquillo Peppers Bulk By Ostargi



    • Net weight 6.6 Lbs.

    • Complex flavor, between spicy and sweet. Hand picked and slowly roasted

    • Always the same size and texture, perfect for restaurants and caterings

    • Real piquillo from Spain, no Peruvian or Chinese

    • Produced by El Navarrico ,the best-canned vegetable producer in Spain.


Piquillo Peppers are unique in their kind, probably the world's finest ones. These specimens are gathered by hand one by one, from the end of September until the month of November from the fields of Navarra, in the banks of the Ebro river. Later on, they are peeled by hand and slow-roasted, obtaining an exclusive and unbeatable preserve, where every Piquillo is uniform in shape, color, and texture. It is important to emphasize that the peppers in this preserve have not been wet with water or submerged in any other substances. This contributes to the natural flavor of this product.
You can use Piquillo Peppers by themselves, at room temperature, or stuffing them with tuna or meat, as an easy meal for dinner or lunch. You can also use them for decorate a paella or a good Spanish potato omelette.