Manchego Extra Aged and Parmigiano Reggiano



    • 8 oz. wedge Parmigiano 24 months. Cow's milk

    • 8 oz. wedge Manchego 12 months. Sheep's milk

    • Compare the two most famous cheeses from Italy and Spain in one tapa

    • Intense, complex and nutty flavor for two of the World's best cheeses.


8 oz. Parmigiano cheese wedge & 8 oz. Manchego cheese wedge. This cow's milk Parmigiano is aged for minimum 24 months. Manchego, on the other hand, is a sheep's milk young type. 3 months aged. Prepare a cheese platter and serve with bread or grapes. Prepare to enjoy all the flavors of 2 of the most famous cheeses in the world. Try also to cook with them, both are great for grating!