Acorn-fed 100% Iberico Loin AX by COVAP



    • 100% pure Iberico de Bellota pork meat

    • 0.8 -1 lb approx 

    • Made from acorn-fed and free-range porks

    • Intense paprika and smoked flavor

    • The most favorite cured sausage in Spain

  • Made by COVAP in Andalusia, the most important Bellota producer in the World.

100% Iberico de bellota loin is subjected to traditional and long drying and curing processes (more than 80 days). Extremely flavorful. Paprika balances the intense flavor of the pork, adding a smokiness touch. It is the only purebred Iberico de bellota loin in the market. Its appearance has a pink color with marbling, consistency firm and compact.

Once open, keep in a cool place. Slice thinly and serve at room temperature. Once open, eat within 30 days. A real tasty treasure typical and famous in Spain!