Serrano Ham Boneless by El Cerro

Serrano Ham Boneless by Jamondor

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    • Dry cured for 18 months

    • Easy to slice

    • Perfect for any occasion: sandwiches, appetizers or tapas

    • Average Weight about 10-12 lbs

    • Intense and meaty flavor.


This Boneless Jamon Serrano by Jamondor is a well-balanced, quality product at a great price. It is produced in Spain, in the mountains of the Teruel region. A dry climate like that is indispensable for Serrano aging. Cured for 18 months and deboned at the end, this piece maintains all the flavor and incomparable aroma of Spanish most popular ham. Lower salt content makes it a healthier alternative to traditional deli counter ham.

If you buy this Jamon Serrano, don't forget to cut it in delicately thin slices for easy separation, presenting its best attributes. Always serve at room temperature, with good bread. Pairs great with any Spanish red wine.

Some white little spots on the surface of the meat can occur. This is a good sign that indicates that the Serrano ham has been perfectly dry cured.
Use it at any time of the day and for all the family. The possibilities are endless. Check its nutritional values, it's rich food for all ages.