Serrano Ham by Fermin
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Serrano Ham by Fermin
Serrano Ham by Fermin
Serrano Ham by Fermin
Serrano Ham by Fermin

Serrano Bone-in Ham by Fermin

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    • Strong and salty taste
    • Made by Fermin, the first Iberico and Serrano producer in the US
    • Pairs well with red wine
    • 35-40 servings
    • Cured for 18 months

Taste salty notes to enhance its strong flavor.

Appearance meat has an intense pink-ish color

Serrano ham is maybe the most popular food in Spain because of its amazing flavor, texture, and aroma. You can find it all over the country and, it can be eaten in many different ways and any time of the day. It is hard to find any Spaniard (except for the vegetarians) who does not like or eat Jamon Serrano. It's truly part of the Spanish culture.

Always remember to carve Spanish Serrano in thin slices and serve at room temperature, in order to preserve all its attributes.

NOTE: The size of this item may vary considerably based on the size of the pork. The average weight of these Serrano ham ranges from 15-17 Lbs.