La Española Meats by Fuet




    • 2 links

    • All pork dry-cured sausage, no paprika in it

    • Typical from Catalonia in Northeastern Spain

    • Multiple uses: snack, sandwiches, grilled, soups

    • Made in the U.S. by Spaniards


Fuet is an all pork dry-cured sausage similar to salchichon but drier in texture because of its thinner link. It has a dry texture with aromas of garlic, black pepper, and other spices. No Spanish Paprika in it. Fuet sausage is very typical from Catalonia, the region where the city of Barcelona is located, and it can be eaten as an appetizer or as a snack inside a sandwich. In Spain children especially love it!. You can also grill it or add it to a soup. If you leave it outside the refrigerator, it will become harder. A new texture with new flavors. Some people prefer it this way.