Seafood Stock for Paella by Ostargi

Seafood Stock for Paella by Ostargi

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  • The secret ingredient for your paella

  • Intense natural flavor

  • All natural ingredients including squid, shrimp and hake

  • Net content 950 ml./ 32 oz.


Prepare a home made seafood stock is a long process, make it easier with this 100% natural seafood broth. Save time in your paella making and go straight to the point with this tasty product. No preservatives added, ingredients are squid, shrimp, hake, salt, sugar, tomato, carrot, leak, white wine, garlic, onion, olive oil and black pepper. That's it. Exactly what you need to make your paella recipe even better. It's perfect for any rice dish or to add an extra flavor to your fish recipes. Seafood stock is what makes your paella go to the next level. Connaisseurs call it "fumet".