Guava Fiora Crostata (Crispy sweet Butter Cookies covered with Guava Fruit Caramel)


  • Crispy sweet pastry covered with Caribbean Guava Caramel 
  • You can purchase a single pack (carries one) 5-pack (carries 5 )or a 10-pack  which has 10 delicious cookies 70g total
  • Our cookies are made in the Dominican Republic in an artisanal process
  • To maintain its fresh and crispy texture, keep in a cool dry place.

This artisanal cookie or Italian Crostatas, made with pasta frola are a perfect combination to eat with ice cream, coffee and are good enough to enjoy on its own. Crostatas are sweet enough to satisfy your cravings but not too sweet to make you tired of them! They are a perfect balance of chewiness and crunchiness that we guarantee you won't be able to eat just one!