Extra Thick White Asparagus by El Navarrico

Extra Thick White Asparagus by El Navarrico

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    • Smooth texture, no fibrous, awesome flavor

    • Super big asparagus 9-12 per can but still mild and delicate

    • Produced by El Navarrico, one of the most famous artisans in canned food

    • One of the few asparagus still grown and produced in Spain

    • Don't need to add anything, just open the can and enjoy. Fabulous!

Extra White Asparagus is one of the emblematic products from the bank of the Ebro shore in Navarra, north of Spain. They are ivory white color, thick, tender, with a smooth texture, no fibrous at all, and with a delicate and unique flavor. Selected as among the best fruits extracted from below ground, they are peeled by hand and calibrated for its perfect presentation. The harvest is made at the end of March, beginning of April. The asparagus is preserved the same day as they are picked, without losing their water content.
It is a delicious low-calorie dish, with important nutritional values, high in fiber, and with sumptuous flesh. It´s perfect for healthy meals, as a snack, or as an asparagus salad.

The legend tells that it was a man from Bagdad who came to Cordoba, with a bunch of seeds in his pocket. The asparagus started to grow up and someday, somebody from Navarra had the chance to eat them. He was delightful by their flavor, so asked for some seeds to take back home up in the north. And that's the way the story began... How does it end? We hope at your table!