Cantabric Anchovies in EVOO by Don Bocarte - 550 Grs




    • Extra big anchovy fillets in extra virgin olive oil

    • Net weight 19.40 oz.

    • 90 - 92 fillets per can.

    • Artisanal hand packed

  • Made by Don Bocarte in Santoña, the home of the best anchovies in the World.

Anchovy fillets in virgin olive oil. Soft and tender with a subtle and well-balanced flavor. Gently cleaned by hand, and with just the right amount of saltiness. These premium quality anchovies are caught near Santoña, in the Bay of Biscay. The Santoña anchovy is famous for its quality and taste. Packed and cleaned by hand these anchovies are perfect as a tapa just as they are. You can always use them for salads, pasta, or sauces -- but the best way to enjoy them is by themselves.

The producer: Don Bocarte is one of the most important gourmet seafood producers in Spain. Based on Santoña, they are pioneers in olive oil conservation of fish and seafood.
The catch is sustainable and controlled. Only fished between April and June, when quality is at its best. The anchovies are processed as soon as they are caught. They are quickly salted to preserve all the flavor. Immediately after the anchovies are put in salt presses for a minimum of 8 months under controlled temperature and humidity to eliminate most of the fat and ensure proper maturation. Last part of the process washing and filleting, is all done by hand to ensure the best texture, appearance and of course flavor. All the care and attention to detail makes a big difference. Don Bocarte anchovies have been awarded in tasting national and internationally.