Acorn-fed 100% Iberico Bellota Ham AX - Boneless by Covap


Introducing the ACORN-FED 100% IBERICO BELLOTA HAM Alta Expresion- BONELESS BY COVAP, the ultimate delicacy for any meat connoisseur. This ham is made from the finest Iberico pigs that are raised in the natural pastures of Spain, making it a true representation of the country's renowned cured meats.

This ham is produced from the hind legs of the pig, which are carefully selected and then aged for a minimum of 36 months. During this time, the ham develops its unique nutty, and rich flavor, thanks to the pigs being fed a diet of 100% acorns (bellota in Spanish) during the final months of their lives. The result is tender and juicy meat that melts in your mouth.

The Alta Expresion- BONELESS by Covap is the perfect addition to any charcuterie board, making it ideal for entertaining guests or slicing and serving as tapas. Its boneless feature also makes it easy to slice and serve, making it perfect for deli sandwiches or cooking.

One of the best things about this ham is that it's produced by Covap, a company that has been dedicated to producing the highest quality Iberico ham for over 50 years. Their expertise and passion for quality are evident in every bite of this ham.

If you're looking for a taste of true Spain, the ACORN-FED 100% IBERICO BELLOTA HAM Alta Expresion- BONELESS BY COVAP will transport your taste buds straight to the rolling hills of Spain. Order yours today and discover the true taste of Iberico ham.

If you always thought Pata Negra Ham was the best Spanish ham, you should know that Pata Negra only means this Jamon comes from a black hoof pig. If you are considering buying Jamon and are looking for the number 1, always go for the Jamon Iberico de Bellota like this. This Spanish boneless cured ham comes from 100% Pure breed Iberico pork, which is darker and bigger than the white pig. This Iberico breed lives free in the Dehesa, a unique environment where the animal is brought up free among the wooded pastures of Holm oaks. They are exclusively acorn (bellota) fed for almost six months, eating from 9-10 kgs of acorn every day. This Iberico ham is matured between 24-30 months, whereas the Serrano ham is matured between 7-16 months. It's a 100% natural product, rich in HDL (good cholesterol), no hormones added, no antibiotics, and animal welfare certified.


  • Real 100 % Pata Negra.

  • Easy to slice.

  • Acorn-fed and free-range pork.

  • Produced by Covap in Cordoba, Andalusia.

  • Exquisite texture and out-of-this-world flavor.


NOTE: The size of this item may vary considerably based on the size of the pork. These Iberico de Bellota Hams average weight is 8-10 Lbs.