Serrano Loin by Fermin




    • Great for tapas and sandwiches.

    • Intense flavor seasoned with paprika and garlic.

    • Naturally dry cured with mountain air.

    • Weight 1.5 - 2 Lb piece.

    • Made by Fermin, the first Iberico producer in the U.S.


This serrano dry cured loin or lomo embuchado as it is called in Spanish, is the most important and known of all the Spanish deli. The whole piece is naturally dry cured for 90 days in mountain air and seasoned with Spanish paprika (pimenton) and garlic. Many people prefer the lomo instead of the ham because is so lean with not a single gram of fat. Slice thinly and enjoy in a tapa or inside a sandwich or panini. This lomo is about 2 inches thick and you can get approx 100 slices from it.