50% Iberico Grain-fed Boneless Ham by Fermin


High-performance slicing format, with minimal waste, preserving the slice's natural appearance and shape. Perfect for machine cutting.

the 50% Iberico grain-fed ham is produced in the same traditional artisan methods practiced over generations and using consistent attention to detail. In this 50% line, the free-range 100% Iberico is cross bred with the 100% Duroc pig in compliance with the Iberico Quality Norm. The result is a more readily produced, lower fat content product that maintains characteristic visual fat marbling and a delicious, cured taste for everyday use.

CURED FOR 36 months using artisanal methods in La Alberca, Spain, a Natural Reserve declared a World Heritage.

NOTE: The size of this item may vary considerably based on the size of the pork. The average weight on these ham is between 8.5 and 10 Lbs.