Acorn-Fed 100% Iberico Bone-In Ham by Fermin




    • Bone In Ham

    • Super Nutty and Acorn Flavor

    • 100% Acorn Fed (Bellota)

    • Cured For 36 Months

  • Made by Fermin, the pioneer of Spanish ham into the U.S.

Iberico Acorn Fed Ham or as the spanish say ‘ Jamon de Bellota’ is the finest ham in the world! It comes from the black pig ‘pata negra’. These flavorful pigs live a free range life feeding on acorns which is why they have such a rich nutty flavor.

They're marbling and uniqueness define the spectacular flavor of this tender meat that literally melts in your mouth. Some experts even say that this is the "kobe beef of pork" . Try and give us your opinion. It's been cured for a minimum of 36 months. Iberico breed is a unique breed in the world. It's raised in La Dehesa, a Mediterranean forest where acorn becomes its favorite food. Fermin was the first Spanish brand in introducing Iberico products in the American market.

Cutting of the ham: remove the layer of fat from the top and the sides of the jamón/ham until the meat is exposed. Trim the fat as you slice. Cut small, very thin slices, including some of the fat which holds much of the flavor. Remember to slice downwards with the knife and its best to use a long sharp knife.