White Tuna in Olive Oil by Don Bocarte



Bonito in extra virgin olive oil. Excellent flavor and delicate texture
Net weight 5.64 oz.
Packed by hand
Wild caught in Northern Spain
Made by Don Bocarte the most famous artisan of canned seafood.


Bonito is the finest tuna in Spain. Conserved in olive oil, this meat is soft, juicy, and has the right amount of saltiness. This bonito comes from the Bay of Biscay, north Spain. Right after the caught, the bonito is handly and carefully prepared: washed, boiled, filleted and preserved. Don Bocarte bonito is always prepared with fresh loins from big bonitos, following the artisanal tradition.

Serving Suggestions:
Enjoy as a tapa with red piquillo peppers. There’s no need to add anything more to enhance its flavor.

The producer:

Don Bocarte is one of the most important gourmet seafood producers in Spain. Based on Santoña, they are pioneers in olive oil conservation of fish and seafood.
The catch is sustainable and controlled. It’s held during mid summer. They migrate to other seas the rest of the year. Processing starts as soon as they are caught. This allows Don Bocarte the best taste and appearance. Forget tuna cans. This is a first quality gourmet product, made by one of the top gourmet producers in Spain.