100% Acorn-Fed Iberico Shoulder AX Boneless by Covap



    • Free-range Iberico pigs fed with all-natural products 

    • Easy to slice and store

    • The most flavorful cured Iberico meat

    • Dry-cured for at least 12 months

    • Raised and cured in Andalusia, Southern Spain.


Paleta (shoulder ham) is smaller and rounder than Jamon (back leg). When we talk about Jamon Iberico de Bellota, we talk about the jewel of the crown. The best free-range Pata Negra (black leg) specimens are selected and fatted for the last 3-4 months of their life only with acorn (bellota). Because of this, Iberico de Bellota is the best Spanish Jamon, because its 100% natural non processed pork meat, very healthy, with a lot of good cholesterol on it.
The meat of this carefully Spanish cured ham is absolutely sweet, marbled in texture, and with an unsurpassed aroma. Enjoy this unique piece in this boneless format easy to cut and slice with practically no waste of the piece. Sliced thinly at room temperature and enjoy its amazing and unparalleled flavor and texture. Only comparable to the best caviar or the most unique champagne.

All our Iberico de Bellota Paletas belong to acorn feed, free-range pigs and have been aged for at least 12 months, have USDA inspection, and have the black hoof clipped to conform to USDA legislation.

NOTE: The size of this item may vary considerably based on the size of the pork. The weight on these paletas ranges from 4 to 5 Lbs.