Ever wonder what is the difference between a ham and a shoulder?
Do you need help in picking what is best for you?

Well we are here to help you! 

Picking a ham especially around the holidays or a party can be a daunting task. But need not fret we've got you covered, so just keep on reading to find the best fit for you.

Anyone who has shopped for hams has definitely asked themselves the following questions: which is best?  What is the difference between a ham and a shoulder? For the first question we are here to tell you that no one is better than the other but they are different. The ham is part of the pigs hind (back) legs and a shoulder is part of the pigs front legs. 

Price is also a factor on what is different about them but is not the only factor that distinguishes them so let's keep reading to find out.

We will begin with price which is something many of our customers ask. The difference in price is based on the time it takes for the ham or shoulder to cure. A ham takes about 18 months to cure while a shoulder takes up to15 months to cure. Now, if we are talking about Acorn-fed ham which is a top of the line ham then the ham takes about 36 months and the shoulder takes about 18 months. If you want to learn more about Acorn-fed ham click here.

To summarize the curing time is what influences the cost of the hams and shoulders.

Visual differences of the ham and shoulders are their weight and size. A ham weight ranges from 13-19 lbs and its measure in length are around 27-35 inches. A shoulder weight ranges from 9-13 lbs and its measures in length are around 23-30 inches.

The shoulder has a distinct taste because the meat is closer to the bone and because it also has a short curation period so if you are into a strong intense powerful flavor then shoulder is the way to go. A ham has greater softness and complexity with more subtle nuances on the palate. The experiences in taste are very subjective because it all depends on the type of palete one has. Therefore the decision is different for everyone.

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