Spanish BBQ - Chistorra, Cooking Chorizo and Morcilla Iberica



    • Kit with 3 different types of fresh Spanish sausages

    • 12 oz. Chistorra with a little spicy touch

    • 12 oz. Fresh Chorizo Mild

    • 7.6 oz Iberico Black Sausage from Spain

    • Try a different BBQ with these Spanish classics.


Morcilla is an all-natural black sausage from Fermin, the first Spanish brand that introduced Iberico products from Spain into the U.S. It can be grilled until crispy and served with fresh bread or fried eggs and chorizo. This is the first real morcilla made in Spain following a traditional recipe from the province of Salamanca. The Iberico pork meat is mixed with fresh pumpkin and onions, smoked paprika, and oregano creating a very flavorful, rich but mild morcilla.

Chorizo fresco is a kind of Spanish sausage presented in a pack of 4 large sausages and made with chopped pork fat and meat. "Fresco" means that this product hasn't been cured, so you need to cook it before eating. You can fry, grill or even simmer it (in some places in Spain they make that with apple cider). Its content in pepper and salt is well-balanced, so all the family will love it.

The recipe for chistorra clomes from Navarra, Northern Spain, the land of San Fermín. This type of chorizo is very thin and a bit harder in texture. It is very flavorful and spicy. It is a bit drier in texture because of the thinness of the link. The flavor of hot Pimenton de la Vera, the world famous spanish paprika, is not overwhelmingly hot.

TIPS FOR A SPANISH BBQ: we love to serve grilled Mediterranean vegetables with it, like red and green pepper, onion, tomato, asparagus... Serving sauce for the meat is not that usual, but "mojo picón", a traditional sauce from the Canary Island, is a good choice if you are into the sauces.