Prosciutto di Parma D.O.P.



    • Dry air-cured over 14 months

    • Boneless and easy to slice

    • D.O.P. controlled ham from the Parma region

    • Perfect balance and flavor

    • Great as a main dish.

Italy is world-famous for its salted and air-dried prosciutto crudo. There are different types of prosciutto depending on the region. Parma is one of the best and most demanded DOP. All Parma producers share the same goal: keep the meat as sweet-tasting as possible by curing the leg of the pork with only pure sea salt. Salt, air, Italian pigs, and time are what make this prosciutto so special. No nitrates or additives are allowed by the Consorzio. The rules are strict in order to produce a first-quality natural Italian product.

Parma is in North Central Italy and it´s the same where Parmigiano cheese is produced. Here the prosciutto is made since Roman times. The word prosciutto comes from the Latin "perexsuctum", which means dry. Only the best pork breeds in the region are used to produce this ham: Large White, Landrace, and Duroc. The Parma region’s air and humidity levels are ideal for drying and curing these hams, which makes their flesh very mild and sweet.

Serving Suggestions: serve thin slices at room temperature. Serve as appetizer, with cheese and bread. Wrap figs or melon cubes. Use it for flavor pasta or rice dishes, on top of crusting bread or pizzas. Prepare a win-win platter with Serrano ham and compare their different aromas. Possibilities are endless.

Conservation tips: It has a long life at room temperature, but once it's opened you better keep it in the fridge. Don't freeze. Wrap the cut side tightly with plastic film. Always served at room temperature and don´t cut more than you intend to consume. Thin slices are recommended.