Pecorino Romano Cheese (16 Oz)




    • 2 x 8 oz wedge

    • Lactose-free

    • Approx. Net Weight 8 oz. wedge

    • Aged for at least 5 months

    • Hard texture, very salty, aromatic, and pleasantly sharp

  • Made by Emma in Italy.

Pecorino is a hard, very salty Italian cheese, often used for grating, made out of sheep's milk. It's made in different regions all across the country, Romano means that this is made in Lazio, the Roman region. It's probably one of the most ancient cheeses in Italy: there are records that show us that Roman troops had it as an important part of their diet. This type, Pecorino Romano, is the most popular pecorino in the States.

Serving suggestions: It is most often used on pasta dishes with highly flavored sauces. Pairs good also with vegetables, fruits, and jam that exalt its sharp savor.

Conservation tips: wrap in plastic and don't wait too long for it. Mold can occur due to humidity. That is not bad, don't worry... Just rub it before serving it. Cheese is a living thing, don't forget.

Note: Pecorino Romano is made in 60 or more pound wheels. If you want to buy the cheese whole please call. You will be a legend.