Boneless Prosciutto, Pressed,13 lbs +/-, Weight can vary per piece, Premium Italian, Product of Parma, Italy. Imported Prosciutto.


    • Whole Dry-cured boneless ham

    • Mild flavor and perfect texture

    • Cured over 12 months

    • Great for sandwiches and pizzas

    • Imported from Italy

Great Italian Prosciutto aged over 12 months and imported directly from Italy. Dry-cured boneless ham. Perfect for sandwiches and paninis or for cooking pizza and pasta. This prosciutto has a mild flavor with a sweet touch. It has a long life at room temperature, but once it's opened, you better keep it in the fridge. Don't freeze. Wrap the cut side tightly with plastic film. Always served at room temperature, and don´t cut more than you intend to consume. Thin slices are recommended. Remember always to make sure that you choose real prosciutto, like ours. Sometimes here in the U.S. happens that some hams are marked as prosciutto when they are not.