Dried Cured Tuna Loin - 100 Grs




    • Extra Quality Yellow Fin Tuna

    • Dry Cured to perfection

    • Product from Spain

    • Rich in Omega 3

  • No preservatives or coloring

Our Mojama, a dry, salt-cured tuna loin, is prepared using the loin of premium quality yellowfin tuna. Once cut, tuna is cured using salt from San Pedro del Pinatar and then air-dried, a process that gives our Mojama an unmistakable, deep flavor. There are no added preservatives or colorings.

A true delicacy in Spain,  Mojama is often served thinly sliced with almonds, diced over salad, or added to a variety of dishes to enhance flavor. lt is also highly beneficial! to our health with high amounts of protein, Vitamin D, Omega 3, and Selenium.