Fried Baby Broad Beans in Olive Oil




    • Net weight 7.75 oz.

    • Natural preserve from Navarra, home of the best Spanish preserves

    • Perfect for losing weight diets

    • Great with Jamon Iberico or pork fat

    • Super mild texture and powerful flavor

    • Made by El Navarrico, the highest quality canned vegetable artisan in Spain.

Baby broad beans are one of the most gourmet vegetable preserves in Spain. These tiny, soft, and rich fried baby broad beans are kept in olive oil, so they are ready to be consumed. 100% natural, it's a rich product, with a high content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These Baby Lima Beans also help to fight the "bad" cholesterol. But not only that, their natural characteristics make them a perfect ingredient for losing weight diets. So if you search for Lima Beans recipes, you'll find easy and healthy recipes that will make you avoid constipation and rheumatism, for example. They also are diuretic and work as a good blood tonic. You can use them in salads or preparing one popular Spanish recipe, with jamón and egg. Definitely, you´ll be surprised by the power of this small green treasure!