Cornicabra Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Jose Andres Foods




    • Vigorous and fruity olive oil

    • For sautéing vegetables or meats

    • First cold-pressed olive oil

    • Made by Casas de Hualdo

  • Size - 16.9 fl oz/500 ml

The extra virgin olive oil made from Cornicabra olives, grown in Toledo, Spain, is a true homage to Spanish culture. The green leaf and apple flavors make this oil the perfect addition to rice dishes, seafood, pasta, and paella. It's also delicious free. With an excellent fatty acid content, Picual stands up well in cooking; I love it to sauté fish or to add dimension to savory beef stew or lamb dishes. It is also a superior dipping sauce. Either way, I know you'll see for yourself why it is the most popular olive varietal in the world.