Ñora Peppers 20 grs by El Avion



    • In Spanish, ñoras

    • Used for paella broths or other types of soups and stews

    • Total weight 20 g./ 0.70 oz.

    • 5 to 7 nora chiles per package

    • Add an intense and different aroma to your recipes.


Dried Nora peppers have a sweet flavor and are used for paella broth, and many other different types of soups and sauces, casseroles, fish, rice and stir fry recipes from Mediterranean cuisine. To hydrate before use is recommended. The best way to do it is to immerse these dried Nora chiles in warm water for 15-20 minutes. Once they soften, remove all the meat with a spoon. Other way to use them is to sting in mortar to enjoy its entire aroma.
It is one of the ingredients more used for seasoning paella along with saffron and paprika. Called ñoras in Spanish, some people also know them as pimiento choricero, although they are not exactly the same. Ñora is a rounder pepper, grown in the Mediterranean region. Pimiento choricero is longer and mostly comes from the North area of Spain. Some chefs recommend not to exchange recipes between them, because their aroma is different, but many other people use them equally. That is up to you. Both are delicious!