Duo Chorizo Cantimpalo and Salchichon Vic
Duo Chorizo Cantimpalo and Salchichon Vic

Duo Chorizo Cantimpalo and Salchichon Vic

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    • Cantimpalo Chorizo 3.3 Lb piece

    • Salchichon Vic 1.3 Lb piece

    • Made in the U.S. following Spanish recipes and using real paprika from Spain

    • Two of the most popular cured meats for tapas and sandwiches.


Enjoy this tapas pack easy way: the dry-cured sausages are ready to eat, slice them and serve with fresh bread. Salchichon Vic sausage is a type of cured sausage with lean pork, and some contents of bacon, seasoned with salt and some spices. Our salchichon is made ​​in the USA, but is very similar to Spanish, as they have followed the same traditional Spanish recipes.

Cantimpalo chorizo is a ​​salami style ​​famous in the Spanish region of Segovia. This recipe is the oldest known in the preparation of sausage in Spain. Its smoky flavor characterizes it. It is ideal for eating in a sandwich or thin slices as an appetizer with a glass of red wine. To manufacture this product the pork meat is ground thick. Pimenton de la Vera gives our chorizo its intense bright red color. Our Cantimpalo Chorizo has strong aromas of sweet smoke paprika as you taste it initially. You will also find a hint of garlic and acidity in the finishing flavors. This Chorizo is manufactured United States by a company with a high reputation in the development of authentic Spanish sausage.

Great for sandwiches. Perfect snack for all the family, kids love it!