Acorn-fed 100% Iberico Loin 1.5 Oz by 5j


  • Lomo Pata Negra Cinco Jotas (black-hoofed loin) has come to be regarded as Spain's National Treasure, remaining true to its artisan tradition and ensuring only the highest quality since 1879. A success story based on a commitment to preserving the purity of our 100% Iberico breed, raised in total freedom in the meadows of southern Spain and fed exclusively on acorns and wild herbs during the Montanera season. The secret process of slow, natural curing in our centuries-old Jabugo cellars culminates in its unique flavor. Cinco Jotas is the storied curing house of Jabugo and is acknowledged as the premium brand of Ibérico ham in Spain. This loin was made using 100% Spanish Ibérico pork and it was cured in the mountains of Spain.