Acorn Fed 100% Iberico Loin Sliced by Covap

Acorn Fed 100% Iberico Loin Sliced by Covap


  • 2.5 Oz
  • 100 % Pure Iberico de Bellota Dry Cured Loin
  • Pre-sliced and ready to eat
  • Very thin slices and easy to separate
  • The best Bellota loin you can find in the US
  • COVAP is the biggest Bellota producer in Spain.

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100% Iberico de bellota loin subjected to drying and curing processes. Extremely flavorful. Paprika balances intense flavor of the pork, adding a smokiness touch. It is the only purebred Iberico de bellota loin in the market . Its appearance has a pink color with marbling, consistency firm and compact. Once open, keep in a cool place. Slice thinly and serve at room temperature. With bread and wine, tastes better. A delicious treasure typical and famous in Spain!

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Weight 2.0000 oz
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