Calasparra Paella Rice – 11 LBS

Calasparra Paella Rice – 11 LBS

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  • Value size, perfect for large paellas, caterings or restaurants
  • Great absorption ratio: 1 part of rice per 3 of water or broth
  • More affordable than Bomba rice and same flavor
  • Calasparra is the perfect rice for paella starters
  • Cooking time: 15-18 minutes.

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Even Bomba rice is the best for paella dish, Calasparra rice is a perfect choice. Both are the finest rice varieties in Spain used for paella or any other rice dish. The Bomba rice and the Calasparra are two different varieties of rice and grow in the same region, Murcia, in the mountain hills of Southeastern Spain. The main difference between these two types of rice is that Bomba is a short grained rice that expands in width like an accordion, and Calasparra does it longitudinally. Calasparra rice was he first rice in the world to have its proper appellation of origin. It’s a whole natural product irrigated only by pure fresh and clean mountain water with no chemicals or additives added. Its grain is white and round and absorbs 3 times its volume, that’s why is more profitable than any other rice. The grain once cooked remains firm and tasty. This big pack will last long time if you keep it in a dry and dark place, not too hot.

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11 Lbs

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1 review for Calasparra Paella Rice – 11 LBS

  1. 5 out of 5

    Peter M.

    Excellent price in bulk for a must have rice for your paella.

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