Acorn Fed 100% Iberico Cured Blood Sausage by Covap

Acorn Fed 100% Iberico Cured Blood Sausage by Covap


  • Whole Dry cured Iberico de Bellota Morcilla, Pork Blood Pudding. Net Weight 6 oz (170 g.).
  • Made from 100% pure ibérico pork. Hormone & antibiotic free (no GMOs), artisanal & traceable from farm to table.
  • Made with salt, Spanish paprika and other spices
  • Meat from free range porks. No Nitrates or Nitrites added. Lactose Free.
  • Intense flavor and characteristic aroma made to a traditional recipe with lean Ibérico pork and blood

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Chorizo Iberico de Bellota is an outstanding meat product. It comes from the Iberico breed, the best pork breed in Spain. It’s mixed with salt, paprika and other spices. It’s a 100% natural product which undergoes a process of aging-drying, with a very characteristic aroma and flavor. The best way to enjoy it is with a good bread and a glass of red wine. Perfect for tapas. Iberico pigs live in the countryside, in La Dehesa, a Mediterranean forest where oak and cork holm provide their best diet. This life style defines the quality of the product: free-range, acorn-fed, no GMOs, 100% natural, hormone free and with a deep, warm, unforgettable flavor.

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Weight 6 oz

6 Oz / 170 Grs

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