Food taste better at home

While you stay at home, it is better to binge into nutrient-dense snacks and avoid the junky ones. It will help your body and your mind work better.


Here are some easy-to-prepare snacks, inspired in Spanish tapas, that you can prepare at home:

  • As pictured above, a combination of white anchovies with olives will not only give you top-notch flavors but also a lot of protein and vitamins. Deli and fast!
  • Spread some sobrasada over slices of a bread loaf and share it as a mid-afternoon Spanish style snack.
  • For something fresher, roll serrano ham slices over cantaloupe wedges. The flavor combination will surprise you!


Pair your snacks with good music and relax at home for a little more…
We’re in this together. Stay safe.





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