Mild Paprika 75 grs by El Avion


Mix it with saffron for getting all the aroma in your paella.
Beautiful vintage tin.
Size 75 g./ 2.65 oz.
Intense and fresh scent
El Avion is one of the most traditional paprika and saffron producers in Spain.


Mild paprika is the most popular spice in Spain for seasoning paella and other traditional recipes like patatas a la riojana or pulpo a la gallega. Paprika, or pimenton in Spanish, is also traditionally used to preserve cured chorizo or Iberico loin. Also cheeses like Ibores cheese or Majorero.
There are different DOP like pimenton de la Vera or pimenton de Alicante, where this one comes from. It is made with different types of selected dried red peppers.
Mild paprika is just one of the three types of pimenton we import, together with mild smoked paprika and smoked hot paprika. As its name says, use it for a soft, subtle touch in your Mediterranean inspired dishes.