The Marcos Salamanca Iberico hams are unique because they are bred in the small town of Sotoserrano in the Natural Park of Sierra de Francia, where Its ecosystem was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is a unique location in Spain where the space is vast, the inhabitants are few and friendly, and time moves at a leisurely pace.

Macros Salamanca has been producing Iberico ham such as Acorn-fed, 100% pure Iberico, and 75% Iberico since 1965. They also focus on being environmentally friendly by ensuring the lands don’t get damaged while providing animal welfare, thus earning them awards such as the Good Pig Award and Good Sow Commendation award for their compassion in world farming.

Their Iberico pigs are raised on a free-range system meaning the pigs graze the pastures freely and without confinement. During the grazing period, the Marcos Salamanca Iberico pigs are fed with resources that the pasture provides, such as acorns from oak trees and various plants that infuse their meat during curation season.

What makes Marcos Salamanca a delectable piece is its curation process in the pure air of the Sierra. This creates a perfect microclimate that allows for a slow curing process, intensifying the flavor of each Iberico ham. 

The result is aromatic. The pork ham has a shiny and transparent fat with lean meat that is marbled with an intense cherry color.

This transforms the Iberico ham with lean and juicy meat giving one a sublime experience with every bite!



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